Hi. It’s been a while.

I’ve been hibernating - but not in a healthy, restorative way. No. It’s been less like a long winter’s nap and more like work then couch + wine + mainlining television and twitter simultaneously + slowly disintegrating, but NO MORE! As of today, spring has sprung and it’s time for me to go stand in line at the pharmacy for allergy medications!

Anyway, I’m up. I’m hungry and I’m grumpy, but I’m up.


Listen - It’s not like Nothing happened all winter. I grew some oddly-shaped carrots. There was broccoli and cauliflower - so fascinating - and SO full of bugs. Expect a crusade against bugs to go along with my ongoing battles against rodents and snails. I’m fighting a war on three fronts.

And there was plenty of baking. So much baking.


Lupé died. She’s the stern looking hen on the left. Now, we’re down to five: my three babies, Pepper, Pilot, and Zelda + my interloper, Athena + Heya - the only bird left from my original flock of Rhode Island Reds.

three years

three years